September 20-22, 2019 | Myrtle Beach Convention Center


Workshops & Demonstrations 

Friday, September 20th, 2019


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12 PM

Halley Murrow, How to with Halley, SC Weekend, WMBF

FALL Centerpiece for your dining table decor – Join Halley Murrow she demonstrates how to make the perfect Fall centerpiece for your dining table or decor.  This centerpiece is festive, fun, and easy to make!  In true How to with Halley fashion, it’s affordable too!  Learn how to make one yourself as she breaks it down into easy steps.  She’ll let you know about all the materials you’ll need and show you just how easy it really is. This centerpiece would be a great addition to anyone’s home, or will make the perfect hostess gift!



Cherette Jupiter, Jupiter Pies

HOW TO BAKE OUT OF THIS WORLD PIES.  Nothing tastes sweeter than a fresh baked pie right out of the oven.  Pie crust from scratch can be very difficult. Cherette will provide scrumptious tips to make delicious pies so you can wow your friends and family. Everyone will want to know how you made such a wonderful desert! 

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2 PM

Gary Forrester, Clemson University Cooperative Extension

CHOOSING THE BEST TREE – Trees are vital to the health and diversity of any ecosystem especially the urban environment.  For trees to thrive, several factors need to be considered in their management.  In this workshop, you will receive information on tree selection, placement, planting techniques and grow in. 

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3 PM

Holly Hollerback – Coastal Luxe Interiors

Fall 2019 Style Report –Striking Gold; Gold, Brass and even bronze accents appear on the design Horizon.  “Style is the perfection of a point of view” – Richard Eberhart.  Inlay, overlay, and texture!  Furniture hits the ground playing with textures, overlays, and inlay treatments and are prominent in case goods and furniture and all things design. 

Saturday, September 21, 2019



Gloria King, King’s Basket Designer

Holiday GIFT BASKETS -Have you ever wanted to make holiday gift baskets? If you have, this is the workshop for you! But just a few easy steps, we can help you create the perfect gift basket for your holiday gift giving! And as the cherry on top, will even top off gift with the perfect bow. 



Tom Mullally, Strand Catering and International Culinary Institute of Myrtle Beach

Cooking for Two – Some people just don’t like leftovers – so it’s not easy to cook for two.  This demo will help you buy the right amount and for those of you who like leftovers, here you will learn how to be creative with what’s left over to create an entirely different meal. 


2 PM 

 Debbie Gough, Designer, A.C. Moore

HOLIDAY WREATHS & CENTERPIECES – Life starts all over again when the air gets crisp in the Fall. Pumpkins, gourds scarecrows and sunflowers with colorful fall leaves in red, yellow and orange.  In this workshop, you will learn how easy it is to create table centerpieces, wreath and door decor for your holiday decorating. Plus, the secrets to making the perfect holiday bow

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3 PM

Gary Forrester, Clemson University 

Cooperative Extension

The HOW, when and why to Pruning – One important aspect to tree and ornamental shrub care is pruning.  Pruning is often done wrong and at the wrong time of the year.  In this workshop you will learn proper pruning techniques and when to do it.  You will also receive information on the upcoming 2020 Horry/Georgetown Counties Master Gardener class. 

Sunday, September 22, 2019

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1 PM

Gary Forrester, Clemson University Cooperative Extension

WINTER GARDENING – FOR WINTER COLOR Every gardener loves to plant colorful flowers and plants in their landscape.  When gardening in the south the winter can be a challenge when it comes to winter color.  Many of the plants grown in more northern climates producing winter color have difficulties in our summer heat.  There are plants that will survive our hot summers and still produce winter color, however, in this workshop you will be introduced to those plants and management of those plants that will bring a little color to a dreary winter landscape. 


2 PM

Chef DeWayne Beaty, CHOPS Resident Chef, Personal Chef, & Caterer

Eat for Your Heart – Change is good for your heart & variety is the spice of life! Learn to prepare an exciting healthy CHOPPED SALAD using 17 different vegetables and a citrus vinaigrette! Chef DeWayne will also show you how to prepare vegetable kabobs, flavored waters, plus, the secrets of juicing.

Headshot Clemons

3 PM

Rob Clemons, Monarch Solar

Myths of the Solar Industry – Solar power is an effective way to save money on your energy bills. Over the last decade, system have become more efficient, prices have dropped and incentives have increased for adding solar. This course is designed to discuss these great benefits of solar and also tackle common misconceptions about the solar industry. 

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